Category Interactive

Behobia – San Sebastian 2018

Activation for the ADIDAS booth at the Behobia – San Sebastian in 2018. Participants could participate in a race on a large-format sensitive screen. The objective, to make the race while staying on the road, hunting objects to score points.…


In March of 2018, we installed in ‘El Hormiguero 3.0’ an interactive videogame in a big way customized especially for the program. The actor Ricardo Gómez and Pablo Motos compete in ‘El Volcán’ to see who burns less.

Concurso Ben 10 challenge

En Julio de 2017, Turner y La Competencia TV nos confiaron la programación de una serie de 4 juegos interactivos sobre 2 grandes pantallas de LED en pared y suelo. Se programaron 4 juegos diferentes para el programa Ben 10…

SIMA 2017

Together with the agency We Are Marketing Hub we made this interactive and immersive application where the visitor of the AEDAS Homes stand, without the need to assemble a chroma set, could be integrated in different real estate promotions.

San Isidro Museum

Yesterday, the new rooms of the San Isidro Museum The origins of Madrid were inaugurated with incredible digital and immersive contents, videomapping, gestural interaction, immersion in the Neolithic of Madrid… A great work of months that our mayor Carmena and…