MASQUETELA is the first online store that sells t-shirts whose designs can be interpreted by smartphones and touch devices and display added virtual information when they are scanned.

It is available for IOS and ANDROID for free.

The application is an example of the use of new technologies in the marketing of a product a priori not related to them, such as t-shirts.
Due to the handling and programming characteristics, this use can be extended to other types of promotional products, cups, trading cards, flyers, signage … The only requirement is that they have a printed image that can be tracked.

The application coexists perfectly and reinforces the campaigns carried out through other media, such as traditional media, on-line communication and large commercial or promotional channels …
It is also possible to promote and sell directly through the online store available in the application.
Another way to monetize the investment is to sell advertising space within the application.

The application is completely customizable in order to adapt it to a specific medium and its needs for sale and marketing of advertising spaces.

The application is distributed only through the most important application stores, Apple Store and Google Play. In this way, the main business is promoted and new revenues are generated with the sale of the product or giving added value to your business.
Download the Dossier  here.